Audio Essays on Poetry and a Spotlight on the page and stage scene of the West Midlands Uk

For the Love of the Word, for the Power of Poetry.

Verse First is a monthly Podcast hosted by writer and poet Think/Write/Fly (Adrian B. Earle). Produced and edited by a revolving cast of talented audio wizards that currently includes Kallen Daynes and Gavin Randhawa. the pod explores the themes that resonate in contemporary poetry. Audio essays featuring interviews with your next favourite poet on the creation of their work, and the craft of verse, Episodes that centre the Politics, Philosophy and culture that drives Poets to make art. These musings on verse are accompanied by unique studio and set readings of some of the most fantastic artists of both page and stage.

We, at verse first have a passion for the written and spoken word, and each month we aim to explore an aspect of the form we love and keep you up to date with the myriad events and readings that are happening in our local scene at the heart of the UK.

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