Podcast Episodes


Ep.1: Tell it out Loud

On Episode 1 of the verse first Poetry podcast, Think/Write/Fly Sits down with Poets Yomi Sode and Khairani Barokka to figure out why Poets are still a thing? and why the art of storytelling in verse spoken aloud is unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon.



Ep.4 Poetry As Psychogeography

This month we sit down with Dr Angela France and talk poets as Psychogeographers, the Act of capturing the 'Truth' of a place with methods dreamt up by angry Frenchmen in 1968, But used liberally as a tool of poetics ever since.
We figure out what it is to capture a place in a poem and talk the process and development of Angela's Psychogeographic collection the hill.

 Ep.2: The Self in verse Pt 1

This Episode I sit down with Casey Bailey and Hannah Ledlie to talk about the use of “I”, Its ability, intentional or not to connect the voice of a poem to the poet. And what that can mean for both poet and poem.



Ep. 5 The Bad Boy Poet
(Self in verse Pt 2)

This Episode we continue the exploration of confessional verse in a Sit down with Scott Manley Hadley 'The bad boy poet' talking Masculinity, love, Pierce Brosnan, Pooping, the Perils of being emotionally vulnerable in a world that demands transparency yet punishes weakness, and dogs.

Ep3: Leader of the opposition (Poetry of protest Pt 1)

On our Third Episode, We sit Down with Political poet Jess Green, ask her about why she takes on Parliament with poems. Why the politics of the left seems to attract verse-makers. and what could possibly rhyme with Brexit.

Ep. 6 The Poetry of Protest Part 2 - Grim Chip and the Picket Line Poets