Performer Contributor Agreement

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1) 'You' (the performer)agree to the recording and/ or Broadcasting of the contribution and hereby Grant 'us' (VerseFirst ltd) all rights to said recording without limitation copyright and performers property rights in such contribution, and all consents necessary to enable us to make the fullest use of the contribution worldwide in perpetuity in any and all media whether known or hereafter developed or discovered, without payment or liability ( save as specifically set out in this agreement). 2) Granting us permission to record, in no way constitutes an agreement for recorded content to be broadcast by us. The decision to broadcast once recorded is the prerogative of VerseFirst. 2) we claim NO rights to the textual property of any poem of yours that we record. All rights to the textual properties of each recorded poem lay solely with the author. 3) Therefore, we assume no liability for the textual, factual or thematic, content of the poems recorded. We will not censor or alter the performed text in any way that would alter its meaning or context outside of what was performed by you. 4) we will credit you in any recorded poem, within the video itself, and in any textual description accompanying the videos uploaded.